Hi I'm Cynthia Marie

"I have to hand it to math as she always continues to evade me.
The more I learn, I feel the thirst to learn more." -Vijay Krishnan

Future Mathematician Future Computer Scientist Woman in STEM

About Cynthia Marie

Hi! My name is Cynthia Marie Rivera Sánchez and I am a senior undergraduate student at University of Puerto Rico - Río Piedras Campus. My major is in Computational Mathematics and Statistics; I am also seeking a second major in Computer Science, a minor in Cybersecurity, and a minor in Human Rights.

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These are the courses that I have taken:

Math Courses

MATE3026 - Introduction to Statistics with Computers
MATE3040 - Number Theory I
MATE3070 - Undergraduate Seminar I
MATE3151 - Calculus I
MATE3152 - Calculus II
MATE3153 - Calculus III (In Progress)
MATE3170 - Undergraduate Seminar II
MATE3325 - Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
MATE4009 - Ordinary Differential Equations
MATE4031 - Linear Algebra
MATE4045 - Partial Differential Equations
MATE4061 - Numerical Analysis I
MATE4081 - Advances Algebra I
MATE5001 - Probability I
MATE5002 - Statistics
MATE5201 - Advanced Calculus I
MATE6601 - Probability, Statistic I (Graduate Course)

Computer Science Courses

CCOM3030 - Fundamental Structures of Computations
CCOM3033 - Programming I
CCOM3034 - Data and Programming Structures
CCOM3981 - Undergraduate Seminar in Computer Science I
CCOM3982 - Undergraduate Seminar in Computer Science II
CCOM4017 - Operating Systems
CCOM4027 - Introduction to Data Management
CCOM4029 - High Level Programming Language
CCOM4030 - Software Engineering
CCOM4086 - Computer Architecture I
CCOM4087 - Compiler Design
CCOM4088 - Cybersecurity
CCOM4089 - System and Network Security (In Progress)
CCOM5035 - Theory of Computing
CCOM5050 - Algorithms


Find here the publications, presentations and collaborators of the researches I have formed part of


Non-universality in clustered ballistic annihilation (ECP, June 2023.)
Faculty author: Matthew Junge
Graduate student author: Lily Reeves
Undergraduate student authors: Arturo Ortiz San Miguel, and Cynthia Rivera Sánchez

People Over Math: A Co-created Principle for Successful Research Communities (MAA Focus, June/July 2022.)
Faculty authors: Rebecca Garcia, Pamela E. Harris, and Dwight Anderson Williams II
Graduate student authors: J. Carlos Martínez Mori and Casandra Monroe
Undergraduate student authors: Tomás Aguilar-Fraga, Yasmin Aguillon, Daniel Alofamoni Quiñonez, Dylan Alvarenga, Aalliyah Celestine, Parneet Gill, Imhotep Hogan, Jakeyl Johnson, Kobe Lawson-Chavanu, Lina Liu, Aaron Ortiz, Lauren Quesada, Cynthia Marie Rivera Sánchez, Christopher Soto, Camelle Tieu, Dirk Tolson III, Jacob van der Leeuw, and Pamela Vargas


Clustered Ballistic Annihilation
NYC Discrte Math REU
Speakers: Arturo Ortiz San Miguel and Cynthia Marie Rivera Sánchez

The Defective Parking Space and Standard Young Tableaux (April 2022)
Joint Mathematics Meeting
Speakers: Aaron Ortiz, Lauren J. Quesada, Cynthia Marie Rivera Sánchez

Orbits of Defective Parking Functions and the Infinity Norm (October 2021)
Sacnas Poster Presentation
Speakers: Cynthia Marie Rivera Sánchez

Distance To A Parking Function (July 2021)
MSRI-UP Parking Functions: Choose your own adventure
Speakers: Aaron Ortiz, Lauren J. Quesada, Cynthia Marie Rivera Sánchez


Tomás Aguilar-Fraga           Yasmin Aguillon                Dylan Alvarenga          Aalliyah Celestine
Rebecca E. Garcia             Parneet Gill                   Pamela E. Harris         Imhotep Hogan
Jakeyl Johson                 Matthew Junge                  Kobe Lawson-Chavanu      Lina Liu
Casandra Monroe               Juan Carlos Martínez Mori      Aaron Ortiz              Arturo Ortiz San Miguel
Lauren Quesada                Daniel Alofamoni Quiñonez      Lily Reeves              Christopher Soto
Camelle Tieu                  Dirk Tolson III                Jacob van der Leeuw      Pamela Vargas
Dwight Anderson Williams II

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